knowledge management & business operations enthusiast

Ask 10 people what “Knowledge Management” is, and you’ll get 10 different answers. In my experience, Knowledge Management and systems for your business are best defined by…well, you!

I specialize in helping business define knowledge management at an organizational level and develop recommendations and systems that create sustainable and transformational change for you and your teams.


Rapid KM Assessment

Identify core components of a robust knowledge management system, paying close attention to current knowledge bases, existing gaps, and current business impact.

Strategic Planning & Sustainable Investment

Develop recommendations for policies, change management initiatives, tools, and systems to support an agile knowledge management system that matches your strategic goals.

Belonging & Inclusion

Emphasize the value and importance of the knowledge bases your team can leverage, no matter tenure, seniority, or role.

Project Management

Scope & sequence actionable and transformational projects that can create a foundational and sustainable path to get the most out of your knowledge management system.

Systems Implementation

Training, communication, and just-in-time support for you and your teams who implement new IT or Business systems, routines, and processes that need to be scaled across your teams.

Get to know me!

Hi! I’m Lauren.

As someone with a lot of interests, and a lot of Curiosity, I used to worry that I’d never find a profession that would keep me engaged, challenged, and in service of making people’s lives better. Luckily, that fear can find the door now, because I LOVE knowledge management, process improvement, and efficient systems–and guess what? A LOT of people are in need of great people to help implement these game-changing concepts.

I’m fortunate to have found something I love to do during my “working hours”, but I also have a host of hobbies that keep me energized and inspired. As a retired athlete, I’m always game for a day of live or TV sports viewing; as a recent MA resident, hiking and kayaking are top priorities; and as an English Major–reading, and re-reading anything and everything keeps me going when I need a boost of creativity.

A few values that guide my work:

  • Curiosity
  • Humility
  • Integrity
  • Patience

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